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Private end-to-end encrypted chat-room that YOU control!

CryptoCHAT v1.0b By bretthq.com b is for BETA, since this version is the first test version.

The problem with “regular” chat systems, such as facebook messenger or IRC, or ICQ etc, is that the data in-between chat end points is NOT 100% secure!

When you’re sending a message, that message is sent CLEAR-TEXT. meaning it’s sent – AS-IS, over the internet.

the traffic from your connection, to facebook messenger server, and back out to the recipient and all traffic in-between CAN and DOES get logged, monitored and “listened” to.

This is because the chat-data is wide-open on your own internet stream. The text you transmit accross the internet can be very easily sniffed, using a proxy or a packet sniffer or a virus, type tool.

So how can you chat

100% Privately?

with CryptoCHAT V1.0b ...
You can!

Because CryptoCHAT v1.0b is :>

Fully automatic, End to end private encrypted chat-room that YOU control! And it’s completely freeware!

CryptoCHAT is effectively a group chat system (software) similar to IRC [?] But where YOU control EVERYTHING about it.(and it’s fully automatic! AND free!

Basically where only people with the password (that YOU decide(in advance) – and can change, at anytime) can decipher messages sent with it (Becasue it’s all fully encrypted [?])
Everyone else who doesn’t know the pre-defined password
sees garbage.

Protection, against, including, but not limited to : man-in-the-middle [?] type traffic sniffing [?], etc.

In a world where everything online is logged and monitored,
CryptoCHAT v1.0b, is the holy grail of encrypted (private) chat.

And it’s all fully automatic and incredibly easy to use!

How does it work?
CryptoCHAT v1.0b is basically TWO software programs.

CryptoCHAT Server
[click here] to download CryptoCHAT server v1.0b
It’s 1.6MB in size.

And .. CryptoCHAT Client
[click here] to download CryptoCHAT client v1.0b
It’s 1.6MB in size.

setup CryptoCHAT Server on your designated persons (windows) computer system with whom you want to administer your chat room session.

It’s completely (central-server) independent, and encrypted (automatically). Also because it’s custom made no-one knows the protocol .. yet

The client connects directly (through winsock) to the server through admins IP-ADDRESS.

You can only connect to the server if you know chat admin/hosts,current IP-ADDRESS

In this version (v1.0b) the server has two basic administration capabilities (currently).


If someone is misbehaving in the chat-room session admin can warn them

If said person is still misbehaving(after warning) – your chat session admin can boot(disconnect) them (at the click of a button!)

Only people with your chosen password,your ip address and your selected port number can read and decipher personal messages sent with CryptoCHAT client(automatically)

Because all messages sent with CryptoCHAT client program are fully encrypted with serpent encryption algorithm [?] in CryptoCHAT client.

And in this software NOTHING is logged!

So now you can effectively chat,

when you want,
How you want



(unless you let them know) how you’ve set it up!
and that’s complete control and complete freedom for you!

Want to chat 100% Privately?
Well NOW you can! with CryptoCHAT V1.0b!

Just host it on your own system!

Download now, for FREE!

Download :> CryptoCHAT Server – AND Client (in one package)
[click here] to download CryptoCHAT server & client combined
3.3 MB in Size.

Download :> CryptoCHAT Server
[click here] to download CryptoCHAT server v1.0b
1.6 MB in Size

And …

Download :> CryptoCHAT Client
[click here] to download CryptoCHAT client v1.0b
1.6 MB in Size

CryptoCHAT – Server AND Client is compatible with Windows XP+!

or effectively ANY system capable of running vb6.0 runtimes!

Copyright © 2023 by Tom Brett